About Builders Enquiry

BuildersEnquiry.com, was founded in 2013 by an enthusiastic and innovative team with background in Architecture, Law and Advertising. Our success is due to our profound technical expertise and the unmatched quality of our resources, networking and service. We are currently located in Lagos, Nigeria and our services span across Nigeria, though efforts are underway to expand across Africa. We serve transactions from users located in almost every country in the world.

We have chosen our current payment gateways after careful investigation, as they have proven to be among the most reliable locally and internationally. The continuous monitoring, upgrading and securing of the website are performed by the highly qualified team of BuildersEnquiry.com system administrators. Here are some quick facts about BuildersEnquiry.com:

We manage a large number of members from the construction industry around Nigeria & the rest of the world (for adverts) and are determined to provide excellent services to our customers
Fully effective, state-of-the-art self registration service
Top networking with various sections of the construction industry
We respect your privacy and we don’t distribute, sell or exchange private information with third parties
We have no hidden fees. All the prices you can see on the website are final
With our company you can get absolute exposure as a premium member.

Our Support

Our Technical Support Team is dedicated to deliver services to members of the construction industry and the general public. Before contacting us please have a look at our FAQ for enquiries.